Chuck Pettid: Crowdfunding, Fundraising, Crypto, Start-Ups

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Episode 12



Chuck Pettid: Crowdfunding, Fundraising, Crypto, Start-Ups

with Chuck Pettid

Host: Terry Tateossian

On this episode

Chuck Pettid and Terry Tateossian sit down to discuss the most challenging aspects of equity crowdfunding, startup fundraising, crypto and general start-ups strategy on this episode of the Amplified podcast. Chuck is the CEO of Republic Funding Portal – a leading investment crowdfunding portal based in New York. He is also the co-producer of the international television series Meet the Drapers. He is also the Board member for Ruby and RiderShare.

If you have thought about raising capital through crowdfunding, you cannot miss this episode. Chuck reveals the most successful ways to position yourself for success!

This episode is produced by Socialfix Media – a Top Rated digital marketing agency for innovative brands.

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